The SHOW Rules


Passing Auditions moves traders in to the Show which gives users access to funded payouts. There is only a one-time fee to gain access with no future fees to Nexgen. In a Show account, the Daily Soft Stop and Static Minimum are replace with a trailing threshold minimum balance. There are a minimum of 6 trading days to reach the profit target and start receiving funded payouts. This minimum trading day rule does not apply to future payouts.

There is no requirement for consistency and will not effect achieving payouts. However, users are encouraged to aim for consistency between 30-50% to achieve optimal funding. Once again, accounts that do not achieve a consistency are still eligible for funding and payouts.

Overnight positions are not allowed. Please have all trades closed out by 4:45p EST. If a trade is left open, that account will be subject to closure. 

The Steps:

Goal: Demonstrate trading consistency while achieving profits to receive payouts on a regular basis. Accounts are eligible for payouts after achieving profit target. NexGen will contact you for next steps at this stage.

Trading Environment: Continue trading with near-live simulated market data until profit target is reached and moved into live markets. Account minimum balances are intra-day trailing. Do not let account balances fall below this amount. This can be monitored on Rithmic or your trading platform in real time.

Order can be placed by administrators only, now what?
  1. What It Means: Admin status indicates a breach of the minimum account balance or stop limit.
  2. Next Steps: If this occurs, don’t be discouraged. You have the option to leave the account open for a reset at the next billing cycle or start over immediately with a new account, which can be opened within minutes
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