Rithmic Setup

Rithmic rTrader Pro

New Rithmic Users

If this is your first time using Rithmic at NexGen, please follow these steps in setting up Rithmic rTrader Pro. Your first step will be to download an install Rithmic rTrader Pro: https://rithmic.com/rtraderpro-Apex.msi

Starting from the top:

  • Remember Me [ON]
  • Skip Settings [OFF]
  • Orders [On]
  • Selective Load [Off]
  • UserID [welcome email or dashboard]
  • Password [welcome email or dashboard]
  • System [Rithmic Paper Trading]
  • Gateway [Chicago Area]

Bottom half

  • Market Data [On]
  • Allow Plugins [Off] if using 1 trading platform or [On] if using multiple.
    • Best to start with [Off]
  • User ID / Password / System /Gateway [same as above]

Click Login and complete the 2 User Agreements. You must select “Non-Professional”. This is only necessary the first time logging in with NexGen.

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