Our Affiliate Program is made for your benefit

Do you want to earn by referring traders to Nexgen Futures?
We have an affiliate program designed just for that!

How to earn up to 20% commission!

Step 1 –
Access your Dashboard

Within 20 minutes of signing up, log into your Nexgen Futures dashboard. You’ll find a tab labeled ‘Affiliate Info’.
Find your unique code or link. *Affiliate information may take longer to generate than account creation*

Step 2 –
Share your code

When a trader uses your code or link for a new Audition account, you will be credited 15% of the checkout price!

Step 3 –
Request Payouts + increase percentage!

After you’ve reached $100 in affiliate rewards, you can request for immediate payout. This is not split and is 100% yours. 
Once you’ve passed $300 in payouts, your commission percentage will increase to 20% for all future credits!