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Who We Are:

NexGen Futures Trader is a proprietary trading firm committed to empowering traders from all backgrounds and levels of resources. With our roots deeply embedded in trading, we understand firsthand what traders need to succeed. Our goal is to assist you in flourishing as a futures trader by equipping you with essential tools and robust support.

How Our Process Works:

The Audition Account: Begin by passing your AUDITION account, where you’re tasked with meeting a set profit target. This can be accomplished in as little as 5 days!

The Show Account: After succeeding with your AUDITION account, you’ll move to the SHOW account where you can achieve funded payouts. 

Fully Funded: Once you’re funded show account reaches profit, you can start withdrawing profits immediately. We offer an attractive 90/10 profit split making our deal one of the best in the market. As you gain more experience, we’re open to adjusting the payout ratio, allowing you to retain an even greater share of your earnings.

Ready to Start? Let’s talk and embark on your successful trading journey with NexGen Futures Trader!

What to expect

Sign up and trade while following the rules

Although our minimum trading days are low (you must trade a minimum of 5 days), don’t feel rushed. You have 28 days before your subscription renews. You can continue trading at a pace that works best for you.

With NexGen Futures Trader, YOU CAN ONLY HAVE 1 RITHMIC ACCOUNT AT ANY GIVEN TIME. If multiple accounts are created, they will be cancelled. 

We want you to be consistent in your trading so don’t rush the process. Remember, focus on being consistent. It is your future as a trader after all.

Trade how you want 

Your goal is to reach the profit target for the plan you purchased. As long as you don’t go below your minimum account value you can trade as you please. 

NexGen Futures Trader Detailed Rules and Code of Conduct Document


NexGen Futures Trader is committed to fostering a trading environment that is fair, transparent, and compliant with regulatory standards. This detailed document outlines the specific rules and code of conduct that all traders must adhere to in order to participate on our platform. Compliance with these rules ensures the integrity of our trading operations and contributes to the success and stability of our trading community.

1) Prohibition of Gambling or Exploitative Practices

  1. Definition and Prohibition: NexGen strictly prohibits any trading activities that could be construed as gambling or gaming the system. Prohibitions include, but are not limited to:
    1. Gambling: Defined as trading that relies predominantly on luck or chance rather than reasoned analysis or strategic approaches.
    2. Exploitative Practices: Refers to attempts to manipulate or take undue advantage of platform features or market conditions.
    3. Service or Platform Errors: Utilizing strategies that exploit errors in the trading platform or services, such as inaccuracies in price displays or delays in price updates.
    4. Disruptive Trading Practices: Engaging in practices deemed disruptive and prohibited by regulatory bodies such as the CME Group, including spoofing and layering strategies.
    5. High-Frequency Scalping: Using automated systems to execute more than 200 trades per day, considered excessive and unsustainable.
    6. Order Splitting: Placing multiple orders at the same price simultaneously to manipulate market conditions.
    7. Trading in Gapped or Illiquid Markets: Initiating trades in conditions where liquidity is low, intending to profit from unusual price movements.
    8. Exploitation of Simulation Environments: Continuously exploiting the absence of slippage in simulation environments to achieve unrealistic executions of stop-loss orders, especially around major data releases.
    9. Trading Outside Market Prices: Executing trades at prices not aligned with the best available bid or offer.
    10. Use of Slow or External Data Feeds: Trading based on delayed or external data feeds that do not reflect real-time market conditions.
    11. Manipulative Trading: Engaging in trades, alone or in concert with others, including across connected accounts, aiming to manipulate or abuse the trading environment or provide an unfair advantage.
    12. Multiple Accounts and Misrepresentation: Creating multiple trading accounts under different usernames or email addresses or holding multiple accounts within the same household.
    13. Violation of Terms and Conditions: Conducting trades that conflict with the terms of service of NexGen or the rules of the evaluation period.
    14. Misuse of Technological Tools: Using software, artificial intelligence, ultra-high speed, or mass data entry methods that manipulate or abuse the trading platform.
    15. Circumvention of Restrictions: Bypassing geographical or technical restrictions on the availability of trading services.
    16. Noncommercial Activities: Participating in any trading behavior that, in NexGen’s sole discretion, is considered to game the market or represent noncommercial activity or could potentially harm NexGen financially or reputationally.
  2. Alignment with Regulatory Standards: We enforce standards aligned with regulatory exchanges. If a trade, trading style, or behavior is prohibited by an exchange, it is unequivocally prohibited by NexGen as well. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of market integrity and regulatory compliance. Breaching an exchange’s rules will result in the termination of the trader’s accounts.

2) Discretionary Payout Denial

  1. Criteria for Denial: NexGen reserves the right to withhold payouts for behaviors that breach the ethics and conduct expectations of NexGen, including but not limited to:
    1. Reckless Trading Behavior: Trading that shows disregard for risk management or financial prudence.
    2. Exploitation of Simulated Environments: Leveraging knowledge of non-realistic elements of the simulation to gain profits not possible in live trading.
    3. Excessive Contract Flipping: Rapid buying and selling of contracts purely for speculative gain.
    4. Contradictory Positions Across Accounts: Using multiple accounts to hold opposing positions simultaneously, potentially used to manipulate market conditions or internal risk controls.
    5. Gambling or Exploitative Practices: Where actions are deemed Gambling (or exploiting any system (with or without intent) .
  2. Enforcement: Continuous monitoring is employed to detect these behaviors, and traders found engaging in these activities will face immediate review and potential denial of payouts.

3) Style and Consistency

  1. Positioning and Risk Taking: Traders are required to maintain a level of consistency in sizing and risk taking at all times. Excessive sizing or risk taking to windfall gains or losses will be considered gambling.
  2. Stability and Behavior: While failing to reach this target does not result in disqualification from funding, consistently exceeding this limit may trigger a review to ensure stable and prudent trading practices.

4) Promotion of Risk-Aware Behavior

  1. Risk Management Strategies: Traders are urged to develop comprehensive trading plans that include risk mitigation techniques such as stop-loss orders and diversified investment approaches.
  2. Supporting a Healthy Trading Environment: These practices contribute to a more stable and sustainable trading ecosystem and help in cultivating a culture of thoughtful and cautious trading.

5) Trader and Company Responsibilities

  1. Mutual Commitment: NexGen commits to providing traders with access to quality trading tools, educational resources, and support services. Traders, in turn, are expected to utilize these resources responsibly and to trade in a manner that is consistent with professional standards.

6) Professionalism and Engagement

  1. Professional Conduct: All traders are expected to always conduct themselves professionally when interacting with staff, other traders, and the broader trading community.

7) Mentorship, Guidance, and Skill Development

  1. Structured Programs: NexGen offers a range of programs designed to enhance trading skills and strategic decision-making.
  2. Objectives and Benefits: These programs aim to equip traders with advanced market insights, trading techniques, and risk management skills, which are essential for successful trading.

8) Ethical Use of Resources

  1. Proper Use Guidelines: Company resources, including trading platforms, information channels, and educational materials, must be used ethically and responsibly.
  2. Prohibitions on Misuse: Any misuse of these resources for personal gain or in a manner that could harm NexGen’s reputation or operational effectiveness is strictly forbidden.

9) Misconduct and Penalties

  1. Types of Misconduct: Includes unethical behavior such as disrespect, bullying, harassment, and any form of discrimination, unfair and inappropriate use of social media to cause NexGen financial or reputational damage.
  2. Transparent Penalty System: NexGen employs a systematic approach to address misconduct, which may include warnings, temporary suspensions, or permanent bans based on the severity and frequency of the violations. The severity of an offense is determined solely at the discretion of NexGen.

10) Prohibition of Gaming the System

  1. Manipulative Practices Prohibited: Specific activities designed to manipulate trading outcomes, such as but not limited to, order flooding or price manipulation through high-frequency trading tactics, are strictly prohibited.
  2. Consequences: Engaging in such practices will lead to immediate investigation and potential termination of the trader’s account.

11) Restriction on Trading Ahead of Binary Events

  1. Binary Event Trading Rules: Trading that seeks to exploit the volatility during major market announcements or events is closely monitored and restricted.
  2. Specific Prohibitions: Traders are specifically barred from holding conflicting positions in different accounts to take advantage of such events. Violations will result in severe penalties, including account termination.

12) Introduction to a Live Broker

  1. Criteria for Introduction: Traders who consistently demonstrate profitability, risk-aware behavior, and adherence to NexGen’s ethical standards may be eligible for introduction to a live broker. During this process, our broker and clearing firm will run a KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) check. They will also require a utility bill or bank statement as proof of address, and a government-issued ID. If you cannot provide these documents, or fail these background checks (for example, if you are a convicted felon), we will not be able to proceed with opening the funded account, and you will not be eligible for any refunds. These documents must also be consistent with the initial registration and account opening details. A change in identity is a breach of our conditions and will result in the termination of all accounts.
  2. Compliance Requirements: Such introductions are contingent upon traders meeting all broker-specific requirements and terms.

13) Use of Referral or Discount Codes

  1. Intended Use: Codes must be used in accordance with the specific terms set out at the time of issue, including limitations on the number of uses or the eligible audience.
  2. Misuse Consequences: Any abuse of these codes, such as sharing beyond the intended recipients or using expired codes, will result in forfeiture of associated benefits and possible account suspension or ban.

14) Integrity and Transparency

  1. Commitment to Honest Trading: NexGen values honesty and transparency in all trading activities. Traders are expected to always uphold these principles.
  2. Violations and Penalties: Any behavior that deviates from these standards will result in punitive actions, including the potential termination of trading privileges and forfeiture of all accrued benefits.

15) Financial Responsibility

  1. Speculative Risk Management: Traders should avoid engaging in speculative trading with funds they cannot afford to lose.
  2. Expectation of Prudence: Responsible financial behavior is crucial, not only for the trader’s own financial health but also for the stability of the trading platform.

Termination Consequences

Termination and Forfeiture of Benefits: Upon the termination of a trading account due to violations of NexGen Futures Trader’s rules and code of conduct, or for any other reason deemed appropriate by the management, the trader will forfeit all rights to any fees, revenues earned, or expected, and all further benefits associated with the account. This includes, but is not limited to, unrealized profits, accrued bonuses, and pending transactions which have not been finalized at the time of account termination. This action is taken to maintain the integrity and fairness of our trading platform and to enforce the compliance of all traders with the established trading guidelines and ethical standards. Termination decisions are final, and the affected trader will have no claim to any financial or material assets previously associated with their trading activity on NexGen Futures Trader. Traders are encouraged to familiarize themselves with all aspects of the trading rules to avoid actions that might lead to such severe consequences.


This document sets forth the comprehensive rules and code of conduct for participation on the NexGen Futures Trader platform. Adherence to these guidelines is mandatory for all traders and is critical to maintaining the integrity, transparency, and professionalism of our trading environment. We believe that strict adherence to these rules will provide a fair and equitable trading environment for all our users.


Eligibility at NexGen Futures

You must be 18 and older to earn a funded account with Nexgen Futures Trader. There will be other checks and verifications required by our broker. 

Nexgen and it’s funding partners can accept all traders from countries that are not ont eh OFAC’s sanctioned countries list. This list may change at any time. Currently that list contains the following countires: Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Angola, Bahamas, Barbados, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Botswana, Bulgaria, Burma, Burundi, Cambodia, Central African Republic, Congo Free State, Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Crimea, Croatia, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guyana, Iceland, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Jamaica, Kosovo, Laos, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Mauritius, Mongolia, Montenegro, Nicaragua, North Korea, North Macedonia, Panama, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Somalia, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Uganda, Ukraine, Venezuela, Yemen, Zimbabwe

The Membership

What is included
  • Access to Rithmic: Your monthly fee for the AUDITION stage or the one-time payment for the SHOW stage grants you access to Rithmic, featuring Level 1 (Top of Book) near-live data.
  • Fee Waiver Conditions: This fee is waived if you are a non-professional trader, a status you can select during checkout. However, choosing “Professional” will subject you to higher data fees.
  • Account Status: View the status of each account daily after market close.
  • Subscription Management: Easily manage your subscriptions from the dashboard.
  • Payout Requests: Requesting payouts is straightforward and can be done through the dashboard.
  • Trade Data: For more detailed information about your trades, refer to the Rithmic Trader Pro software.
Dedicated Account Manager
  • Personalized Coaching: At Nexgen, we are committed to helping our traders reach funding. To facilitate this, we provide coaching to all members, aiming to guide you successfully to your trading goals once you reach funding. 

Nexgen Future Traders Affiliates

All traders can become an Nexgen Affiliate

You may apply to become an affiliate. There will be an affiliate code in your user dashboard that is specific to your account. Give this code out to people and receive 15% of the value of accounts purchased. Any active discounts will automatically apply to affiliate codes.

Payouts are made on the first business day of each month after you’ve accumulated at least $100 in commissions, however, you must send an email request to for payouts.


The Do’s
  • Profit Goal: Achieve the target profit set for your specific plan.
  • Minimum Trading Days: Trade for at least 5 days while working towards your target profit.
  • Strategy and Consistency: Focus on refining your trade strategy. Aim for consistency, which means showing good risk reward behavior and trading discipline. Reach your profit target without hitting the trailing threshold. The number of contracts you can trade is automatically limited based on your plan size. Overall, NexGen will focus on your performance statistics which will impact your risk limits in the live stage. 
The Don’ts
  • Trailing Threshold: Avoid letting your account balance fall below the trailing threshold. If this happens, your plan will enter “ADMIN” status, preventing further trading. All positions under that plan will be automatically liquidated.
  • Overnight positions are not allowed. Please have all trades closed out by 4:45p EST. If a trade is left open, that account will be subject to closure. 
What is a Daily Soft Stop?
  • Purpose: This is a safety measure that temporarily blocks trading on your plan until the next business day, allowing you to resume trading at the next futures market open (6 pm EST). Unlike other firms that may close your account after a daily stop, Nexgen’s approach is to give you another chance to trade.

Disclaimer Regarding Use of Daily Soft Stop in Fast Market Conditions

  • Please be advised that while Nexgen Futures Trader provides a “Soft Stop” feature as a risk management tool, there is no guarantee that it will prevent additional slippage in fast-moving market conditions or low liquidity markets. The Soft Stop is designed for use under normal market conditions and may not function as intended during periods of high volatility or rapid market movements. Additionally, the feature serves as a mechanism for a cooling-off period, particularly useful when a trader experiences a series of unfavorable trades. It encourages taking a break, thereby providing an opportunity for traders to return the next day with a fresh perspective, helping to prevent them from making hasty decisions that could lead to significant losses.
  • Nexgen Futures Trader expressly disclaims any responsibility for slippage that may occur, regardless of whether the Soft Stop feature was engaged. Traders should be aware of this limitation and manage their trading activities and risk exposure accordingly, understanding that they use the Soft Stop feature at their own risk.
How many plans can a Trader have?
  • AUDITION Plans: You can have unlimited AUDITION plans active simultaneously.
  • SHOW Plans: You are limited to passing a total of ten SHOW plans, which can be a mix of different account sizes but must not exceed ten in total. 
Order can be placed by administrators only, now what?
  • What It Means: If your account is in Admin status, it indicates you’ve breached the minimum account balance.
  • Next Steps: Don’t lose heart; it’s a common occurrence. You can either wait for the account to reset at the next billing cycle or open a new account to start afresh immediately.

Markets & Commissions


Clarification on Rithmic Data Feed and Usage of Rithmic Trader Pro Software

  1. Rithmic Data Feed in Simulation Mode:

    • The Rithmic Data Feed is offered in a simulation mode directly by Rithmic. It’s important to note that NexGen Futures Trader does not have any control over, nor are we responsible for, the performance, reliability, or accuracy of the Rithmic Data Feed.
  2. Mandatory Use of Rithmic Trader Pro Software:

    • While trading, it is highly recommended to keep the Rithmic Trader Pro software operational at all times. This is a crucial precautionary measure. In the event that your primary data feed or trading system becomes unresponsive, Rithmic Trader Pro serves as a reliable alternative for you to manage and close all open positions effectively.

By adhering to these guidelines, you ensure a more secure and efficient trading experience, leveraging the capabilities of Rithmic’s tools while understanding the boundaries of NexGen Futures responsibilities.

Stage1/Stage2 Comission rates: 
ES2.01 ZN1.52 6S2.36 MYM0.49
NKD2.01 ZB1.73 6N2.36 MNQ0.49
NQ2.01 UB1.57 CL1.99 M2K0.49
YM2.01 6A2.36 QM1.99 MGC0.78
EMD2.01 6B2.36 NG1.99 M6A0.44
RTY2.01 6C2.36 GC2.34 M6E0.44
ZT1.37 6E2.36 SI2.34 M6J0.44
ZF1.42 6J2.36 MES0.49 MCL0.52


Funding Brokerage

As determined by standard Broker commission for their funded accounts. NexGen will cover the first 1.5 months of fees. 


Billing cycles
  • Auto-Renewal: Each plan automatically renews every 28 days (4 weeks), regardless of whether you pass or fail your plan.
  • Cancellation: You can cancel your plan at any time through the Billing section in the member’s area.
  • Please be informed that Omega Trader Funding LLC operates under the business name NexGen Futures Trader. This means that billings will show up from Paypal as Omega Trader Funding LLC. 
Discount Codes
  • Usage: Enter your discount code during checkout.
  • Policy: Discount codes cannot be refunded, adjusted, or switched after the purchase is complete. If you forget to use your discount code, no adjustments will be made post-purchase.

Refund Policy

No Refund Policy at Nexgen Futures Trader

  • Please be aware of our strict no refund policy before finalizing your purchase with Nexgen Futures Trader. Once you have registered and paid for a subscription, we do not offer refunds under any circumstances. This policy also applies to Show Accounts too – no refunds will be provided for these services.
  • By choosing to sign up with Nexgen Futures Tradess, you acknowledge and accept that all payments are final and non-refundable. This includes situations where a trader has accessed or used our data and services. Your agreement to these terms is a mandatory condition of your subscription and use of Nexgen Futures services.
We use Paypal:
  • Platforms: We accept payments through PayPal.
  • Credit Cards: All major credit cards are accepted


  • No Resets: We do not offer resets at Nexgen. Our trading plans are competitively priced, eliminating the need for resets.
  • Procedure for Failed Plans: If you fail a plan, simply cancel it and start a new AUDITION.
    Should you fail a SHOW account, you must begin again with an AUDITION.


Qualifying for Payouts

Payouts are available to traders who have funded SHOW accounts at our broker. Any profit you earn in a funded SHOW account is yours as long as your account balance is above the starting balance. Traders are allowed to withdraw into the buffer balance (starting balance – minimum balance) at 100% of the profit withdraw request. Example: $500 profit request means you can also withdraw upto $500 of your buffer for a total payout of $1000. There are no minimum days to request a payout. 

Profit Share
Any profit request for payout will be at an 90/10 split. This means that you will receive 90% of the requested payout amount. 
What happens to my account after a payout?
Requesting and receiving a payout will reduce your total account balance. You will not be able to take a payout that would put your account balance below your starting account balance (see table in Funded rules for reference). 
As an example, if you have a $50k account (starting balance is $3,000) and your total account balance is currently $7,000. You could take a payout anywhere from $5,599 to $250 (minimum request amount is $250). Taking $5,599 would leave your account with $1 of buffer which would close your account on the next trade. If you requested $2,000 ($55,000 account balance), you would still have a buffer of $2,500 to your minimum account balance. You are not required to leave a buffer but are able to withdraw part of your buffer based upon the profits being withdrawn. If you are requesting a $300 profit withdraw, you are entitled to taking equal amount of your buffer as payment as well. 
Daily payout processing

Payouts can be requested after your Stage account has reached its profit target + buffer. Nexgen will review your submission and confirm a few details before initiating your ACH payment. This process could take 1-3 days administration, to confirm all details and will be in a timely manner. 

No minimum days for payouts

There are NO minimum days to trade to request payout in your funded SHOW account after reaching profit target in at least 6 days. If you have achieved profit, then you are entitled to it. There will be a delay in the period between request and when payment is sent but will be processed as quickly as humanly possible. 

Tax Questions

Payouts are made as indepentant contractors from Omega Trader Funding LLC. You will be responsible for any and all taxes associated with payouts. Only the amount you receive from a payout needs to be reported. Funds that have not been withdrawn in the specific calendar year do not need to be reported. 

US Citizens will need to complete a W9.

If you are not a US Citizen, you must complete a W-8 BEN with proof of Identification to match your account opening details.

US citizens with payouts will receive a 1099-NEC reporting the amount of funds the trader received in a calendar year. Traders outside of the US will not receive a 1099 from Omega/NexGen. 


The SHOW Rules


Passing Auditions moves traders in to the Show which gives users access to funded payouts. There is only a one-time fee to gain access with no future fees to Nexgen. In a Show account, the Daily Soft Stop and Static Minimum are replace with a trailing threshold minimum balance. There are a minimum of 6 trading days to reach the profit target and start receiving funded payouts. This minimum trading day rule does not apply to future payouts.

There is no requirement for consistency and will not effect achieving payouts. However, users are encouraged to aim for consistency between 30-50% to achieve optimal funding. Once again, accounts that do not achieve a consistency are still eligible for funding and payouts.

Overnight positions are not allowed. Please have all trades closed out by 4:45p EST. If a trade is left open, that account will be subject to closure. 


The Steps:

Goal: Demonstrate trading consistency while achieving profits to receive payouts on a regular basis. Accounts are eligible for payouts after achieving profit target. NexGen will contact you for next steps at this stage.

Trading Environment: Continue trading with near-live simulated market data until profit target is reached and moved into live markets. Account minimum balances are intra-day trailing. Do not let account balances fall below this amount. This can be monitored on Rithmic or your trading platform in real time.

Order can be placed by administrators only, now what?
  1. What It Means: Admin status indicates a breach of the minimum account balance or stop limit.
  2. Next Steps: If this occurs, don’t be discouraged. You have the option to leave the account open for a reset at the next billing cycle or start over immediately with a new account, which can be opened within minutes

Trailing Threshold explained

A Trailing Threshold is a term used to describe how an account’s minimum balance changes due to profit and loss. Trailing threshold will follow your account, intra-day, up until max profit is reached. Because of this, all trades taken will be reflected in your minimum account balance. All Show trailing thresholds will stop after reaching profit targets. 

How it works:

Trailing threshold takes into account all account balance increases regardless if profit is taken or not. You can monitor this in R|Trader Pro under column “Auto Liquidate Threshold Value” or ALTV.

  • Trailing threshold is calculated live, intra-day
  • As your account balance increases, so does your ALTV
  • If your account balance decreases, your ALTV does not

As an exaple, an account balance increases from $25,000 to $25,450 and the position is closed. This means the ALTV increased from $23,750 to $24,200. The same account places another trade but the account balance falls from $25,450 to $25,200. The ALTV will remain unchanged at $24,200. For the last trade, the account balance starts at $25,200, reaches a high of $26,100, but the position wasn’t closed until $25,900. In this scenario, the max high of $26,100 (profit of $900 over previous high) moved the ALTV up to $25,100 from $24,200. 

If your Account Balance falls below the ALTV, your positions will be liquidated and your account will no longer be able to place trades. You cannot reset a SHOW account thus if you fail it you must start over at AUDITION.  

Trailing threshold explained:

A trailing threshold is your minimum account balance that increases as your account profits increase but does not decrease if you incure losses.  Your trailing threshold starting balance is disclosed with each account type and can be seen live in rTrader Pro.

Here is an example of how a trailing threshold works.

Your $50k account has a trailing threshold of $47,500. You make your first trade and close it at an exact high of $700 profit. Your account balance is now $50,700 and the trailing threshold is at $48,200. Your next trade is placed and you see a $200 profit but you don’t close the trade yet. You wait a bit longer and end up closing it for a $100 loss. Your account balance will be $50,700 – $100 = $50,600 while your trailing threshold will be $48,200 + $200 = $48,400.  If your account balance ends up dropping below the trailing threshold, your account will auto-liquidate and go into Admin status. You will not be able to place any more trades.

Funded Account Rules

NexGen Funding and Trading Guidelines

Personalized Funding Process:

  1. Our company is built around funding all traders who pass our challenge and reach the funded account stage.
  2. We understand that there is no single mold that fits all trading types, which is why we do not have consistency rules.
  3. Our platform is built to accommodate how you trade and demonstrate your abilities throughout the process.
  4. This approach allows us to offer a personalized funding process tailored to your trading habits.
  5. The goal is to encourage traders to develop discipline and build sustainable habits for the long-term success of their trading careers and our company’s support. 
  6. These rules are not in place to deny payouts, close accounts, or any other hidden actions. 

Trading Expectations:

  • Traders are expected to show skill in risk management. This is demonstrated through effective trade management of profit versus risk.
  • While not every trade will be a winner, success hinges on sticking to a solid trading plan and ensuring that the risk does not outweigh the reward.
  • Traders who consistently demonstrate trading habits that result in more profit than loss each day will be given more flexibility compared to those who lack risk management and rely on our Daily Soft Stop (DSS).
    • Example: Traders hitting DSS will be closely managed to prevent this from happening in a live account with real money at stake. The more often a trader hits DSS, the tighter we will manage our money being traded by them.
  • When a trader qualifies with a large win that is out of proportion to their average trading wins, we will adjust our trading limits for the trader in line with their average trading winning day. This means that while we accept that a large winning day was enough to qualify for funding, we will not include that large single day in the computation for daily trading limits.
  • Where traders are trading with the sole aim of qualifying with no stops, our live funded stage will have stop-losses built in. If you find this hard to accept, understand it is our money that you are using, not yours, where you cannot indulge in these practices.

Support and Guidance:

  • Our trading team will support you during both good and bad times to help keep you on the right track.

Withdrawal and Account Closure:

  • The live account buffer (the amount from your starting balance to the minimum account balance) is available for withdrawal based on a percentage of profits above your starting balance.
  • If a trader chooses to leave at any time, only profits above the starting balance are guaranteed to the trader.
  • For stagnant accounts (live accounts that have not traded and made a withdrawal in 45 days), the buffer amount is not owed at the time of closure.

Autonomy and Support:

  • Your actions in the steps leading to your live account are up to you. Make your own decisions, risks, and goals to earn funding reflective of your business model.
  • Our goal is to support you no matter what. These guidelines are not a means for us to take away your funding or reject payments.

Summary of a Funded Show Account

  1. Progression to Funded Show Account:
    • Once you reach the funded account stage, you trade with real market data using funds accumulated from successful trading strategies. Each plan has a specific minimum balance requirement to keep the account active.
  2. One Funded :
    • You are limited to one funded account, regardless of the number of Show Accounts passed. Up to 10 Show accounts can be funded to increase your funded balance.
  3. Profit Sharing Scheme:
    • All profit sharing is 90/10 from day 1. Over $30,000 we can negotiate this profit share even further in your favor.
  4. Minimum Balance Threshold:
    • The minimum balance, crucial for account activity, is based on the account type from the SHOW stage. Dropping below this threshold risks account closure. However, funded accounts have Daily Soft Stops in place to help prevent account closures. Daily Soft Stops are put in place during the on boarding process and are discussed between Nexgen and the trader. 
  5. Withdrawal Impact:
    • Withdrawals impact your balance. It’s vital to keep the balance above the minimum after withdrawals to continue trading.
  1. Example of Account Balance/Payouts:
Day/ActionDescriptionNew BalanceNotes

Starting Account

$3,000 with a minimum required balance to be maintained of $1,000.$3,000 

Day 1

Earn $400$3,400 

Withdrawal Day 2

Withdraw $500$2,900You receive 90% = $450

Day 2

Earn $200$3,100 

Day 3

Lose $300$2,800 

Withdrawal Day 3

Withdraw $1,000$1,800You get 90% = $900

Day 4

Earn $500$2,300 


Total Profits Earned: $800.
Total Withdrawals Gross: $1,500.
Net paid to you: $1,350.
$2,300You were paid $1350

7. Key Aspects of Funded Account Management:

It’s crucial to balance gains, losses, and withdrawals to maintain the minimum required balance and ensure the viability of your trading activities.

a) Minimum Balance Maintenance: It is essential to keep the balance above the minimum to avoid account closure.

b) Risk of Account Closure: If the balance falls below the minimum, the account will be closed.

c) Withdrawal Guidelines: Withdrawals are allowed at any time but should not reduce the balance below the required level. Please be aware of the amount you request to withdraw and continuing to trade. You will not be entitled to the requested pay if your account balance decreases to a level lower than amount requested.

d) Intervention for Significant Losses: If the balance falls significantly, trading may be paused for strategy review depending on the funded accounts Daily Soft Stop. One of our account managers will reach out in this situation to discuss and help get you back on track.

e) Changes to Margin Events: Your broker may increase margin requirements before known market moving events. This is enforced by the broker/exchange, not by Nexgen. During this time you may be unable to trade your normal size or contracts based upon your account balance vs margin requirements. 

  8. Simple Guide to the Funded Trading Initial Margin Rule

This Guide is designed to help traders manage their investments more effectively in their funded Show Account.

    1. Adjusting Trading Capacity Based on Performance:
      • Your ability to trade (buying power) changes with your Trading Profits balance, which goes up or down depending on your daily profits or losses.
    2. Daily Account Review Using the Daily Trade Report:
      • Every day, your account should be reviewed using the brokers dashboard, to help you stay informed about your current Profit or Loss situation.
    3. Starting Small and Growing (Initial Trading Plan Scaling):
      • As you are new to us, we’ll start with smaller trades and increase them as you gain more experience, helping you manage early losses and improve your chances of long-term success.
    4. Earning the Right to Take More Risks:
      • Once you make a total balance of over $5,000, you can ask to trade with different risk rules, potentially allowing for much bigger trades and strategies.
    5. Initial Margin Limits:
      • Initial Margin limits vary by account size until $5,000 in profit is earned. Overnight positions are not allowed – all positions must be closed by 3:45pm EST.

Trading in funded Show Account

  1. Primary Trading Platform:
    • Execute all trades on the broker’s platform, utilizing its advanced charting and analysis tools. Web and mobile is available through our broker. TradingView is also available for those who prefer that interface. Please contact us to have this feature enabled. Overall, please maintain your consistency in trade execution, wheter using the broker’s platform or Tradingview.
Trade your account like it was your own money:

With a funded Show account, you are now trading with live market data and funds that you have earned. There is still a minimum account balance for each account type that needs to be maintained in order to keep your account open. Below are the balances for the plan type that is passed into a funded account.

Account SizeStarting BalanceMinimum Account Balance

If you pass more than one SHOW account your starting balance will scale incrementally along with minimum balances. You are allowed to fund up to 10 Show accounts into your master funded account. 

Account SizeBalance Increase

Supported Platforms

Rithmic rTrader Pro

New Rithmic Users

If this is your first time using Rithmic at NexGen, please follow these steps in setting up Rithmic rTrader Pro. Your first step will be to download an install Rithmic rTrader Pro:

Starting from the top:

  • Remember Me [ON]
  • Skip Settings [OFF]
  • Orders [On]
  • Selective Load [Off]
  • UserID [welcome email or dashboard]
  • Password [welcome email or dashboard]
  • System [Rithmic Paper Trading]
  • Gateway [Chicago Area]

Bottom half

  • Market Data [On]
  • Allow Plugins [Off] if using 1 trading platform or [On] if using multiple.
    • Best to start with [Off]
  • User ID / Password / System /Gateway [same as above]

Click Login and complete the 2 User Agreements. You must select “Non-Professional”. This is only necessary the first time logging in with NexGen.


  1. Download and install Quantower through the following link:
    • Installation instructions can be found here
  2. Once installed, open and run Quantower
  3. Select the “Connections” menu from the top bar (#1) and then select “Rithmic” (#2) in the left column and then enter your User (#3) and Password (#4) located in your dashboard. Finally, select “Rithmic paper trading Chicago” (#5) and click “Connect” (#6).


If this is your first time using Rithmic @ NexGen, you MUST login to R|Trader Pro first. There are 2 agreements you must sign before gaining access into a trading platform.