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Who We Are:
  • NexGen Futures Trader is a proprietary trading firm committed to empowering traders from all backgrounds and levels of resources. With our roots deeply embedded in trading, we understand firsthand what traders need to succeed. Our goal is to assist you in flourishing as a futures trader by equipping you with essential tools and robust support.
How Our Process Works:

The Audition Account: Begin by passing your AUDITION account, where you’re tasked with meeting a set profit target. This can be accomplished in as little as 5 days!

The Show Account: After succeeding with your AUDITION account, you’ll move to the SHOW account. This is your final step before going LIVE. Here, all trading is conducted in a simulated, industry-standard environment using near-live market data.

Going Live: Once you’re LIVE, you can start withdrawing profits immediately. We offer an attractive 80/20 profit split, along with potential bonus payouts, making our deal one of the best in the market. As you gain more experience, we’re open to adjusting the payout ratio, allowing you to retain an even greater share of your earnings.

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