The Membership

What is included
  • Access to Rithmic: Your monthly fee for the AUDITION stage or the one-time payment for the SHOW stage grants you access to Rithmic, featuring Level 1 (Top of Book) near-live data.
  • Fee Waiver Conditions: This fee is waived if you are a non-professional trader, a status you can select during checkout. However, choosing “Professional” will subject you to higher data fees.
  • Account Status: View the status of each account daily after market close.
  • Subscription Management: Easily manage your subscriptions from the dashboard.
  • Payout Requests: Requesting payouts is straightforward and can be done through the dashboard.
  • Trade Data: For more detailed information about your trades, refer to the Rithmic Trader Pro software.
Dedicated Account Manager
  • Personalized Coaching: At Nexgen, we are committed to helping our traders reach funding. To facilitate this, we provide coaching to all members, aiming to guide you successfully to your trading goals once you reach funding. 
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