Qualifying for Payouts

Payouts are available to traders who have funded SHOW accounts at our broker. Any profit you earn in a funded SHOW account is yours as long as your account balance is above the starting balance. Traders are allowed to withdraw into the buffer balance (starting balance – minimum balance) at 100% of the profit withdraw request. Example: $500 profit request means you can also withdraw upto $500 of your buffer for a total payout of $1000. There are no minimum days to request a payout. 

Profit Share

Any profit request for payout will be at an 90/10 split. This means that you will receive 90% of the requested payout amount. 

What happens to my account after a payout?

Requesting and receiving a payout will reduce your total account balance. You will not be able to take a payout that would put your account balance below your starting account balance (see table in Funded rules for reference). 

As an example, if you have a $50k account (starting balance is $3,000) and your total account balance is currently $7,000. You could take a payout anywhere from $5,599 to $250 (minimum request amount is $250). Taking $5,599 would leave your account with $1 of buffer which would close your account on the next trade. If you requested $2,000 ($55,000 account balance), you would still have a buffer of $2,500 to your minimum account balance. You are not required to leave a buffer but are able to withdraw part of your buffer based upon the profits being withdrawn. If you are requesting a $300 profit withdraw, you are entitled to taking equal amount of your buffer as payment as well. 

Daily payout processing

Payouts can be requested after your Stage account has reached its profit target + buffer. Nexgen will review your submission and confirm a few details before initiating your ACH payment. This process could take 1-3 days administration, to confirm all details and will be in a timely manner. 

No minimum days for payouts

There are NO minimum days to trade to request payout in your funded SHOW account after reaching profit target in at least 6 days. If you have achieved profit, then you are entitled to it. There will be a delay in the period between request and when payment is sent but will be processed as quickly as humanly possible. 

Tax Questions

Payouts are made as indepentant contractors from Omega Trader Funding LLC. You will be responsible for any and all taxes associated with payouts. Only the amount you receive from a payout needs to be reported. Funds that have not been withdrawn in the specific calendar year do not need to be reported. 

US Citizens will need to complete a W9.

If you are not a US Citizen, you must complete a W-8 BEN with proof of Identification to match your account opening details.

US citizens with payouts will receive a 1099-NEC reporting the amount of funds the trader received in a calendar year. Traders outside of the US will not receive a 1099 from Omega/NexGen. 

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